Tackle World Bundaberg is a renowned retailer for fishing, boating, marine equipment and other merchandise. The website at tackleworldbundy.com.au is the store's online front, fitted with an e-commerce store reaching customers all over the globe. 

There were many things that the client felt needed improving from their old site, and GreenAcorn was there to help. We started with an entirely new design for the website, followed by mass improvements to the store and content pages.

A new design

The design of the old site was not only aesthetically unappealing, but it also lacked the feeling and emotion that you'd associate with fishing or an outdoor adventure. This was a strong focus of ours when designing the new website. After considering the client needs, we used some key drivers in providing direction for a new site design:

  • Evoke emotion within the site visitor by using warm colours and powerful imagery associated with outdoor adventures.
  • Project professionalism and trustworthiness. Visitors will be less inclined to purchase from a website which looks tacky and unreliable.
  • Ensure key information is easily available and presented in a well-structured manner. 

Having focused on these areas, we were able to create a new design which can be seen at tackleworldbundy.com.au.

Improvements to the online store

There were numerous improvements made to the online store. Just some of these improvements include:

  • A rewards program integrated into the store.
  • A gift card system.
  • Voucher discounts.
  • Better categorisation of products.
  • Extracting product information from an external database.
  • Catalogues and product clearances.
  • An enhanced checkout system.

The final result

Since implementing the design and other enhancements, the number of annual online sales has risen by more than 1600%. GreenAcorn continues to work with the client on various enhancements to the website, and we maintain our great relationship.