Conexu Foundation is a not for profit organisation focused on technology-based communication access for Deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired Australians.

To meet their strategic goals they needed an online presence for their mobile applications - which assist the Australian Deaf and hard of hearing community. Initially their brief was for the development of separate websites which promoted each mobile application. Instead we provided a multi-site solution which provided them with the following benefits

  • single hosting account
  • reduced security maintenance cost as there is only one code-base to maintain
  • single master theme which, if modified, would replicate to all sites
  • re-usable content only needs to entered once and can be updated in a single location
  • consistent back-end functionality
  • reduced training costs
  • only one login required

The 4 websites that we built them, from this single solution, uses separate domains/URLs, different images and content while providing the organisation with a single solution which they easily maintain themselves.