This guide is targeted particularly at our Drupal clients, but general Drupal users may find it beneficial as well.

You have a customised Drupal CMS to enable you to edit the content of your website. This is good for your business because:

  • Your information is kept up-to-date, so you look good
  • You can save money by doing it yourself.

We've produced this guide to maximise your success.

Because our website users have a variety of expertise in computer usage, we have two options for you.

  • Experienced users can use our checklist: The short version
  • Those needing step-by-step instructions will find Default CMS facilities helpful.

The environment

Please consider the environment and only print pages of this guide if absolutely necessary. As this content is regularly reviewed, you'll get the most effective information by accessing it online.

Please contact us if you think anything in this guide could be made clearer.