Queensland GITC Certification

Adaptive Digital, trading as GreenAcorn, is pleased to announce it has been accredited to the GITC V5 Agreement with the Queensland State Government.

“GreenAcorn's GITC V5 certification allows us to supply ICT products and services to the Queensland Government. Between, QAssure and GITC, this accreditation provides our clients with confidence in our services and cuts the red-tape often required when utilising third party services" says Director, Alan Davison. 

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Karen Gilmore

Project Manager

We don't reinvent the wheel

Our base CMS has functionality we use on every site - things like the rich text editor, content search and search engine optimisation tools – and things that can easily be turned off if not required, such as user comments, blogs and forums.

For additional functionality, we try not to reinvent the wheel. Drupal has over 17,000 modules available, no doubt including at least some of the functionality you require. Furthermore, Drupal provides an architecture that allows us to extend, modify or copy any of this functionality.

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Alan Davison

Director & Drupal Architect