Website Hosting is a type of Internet hosting service that provides the platform which makes a website accessible via the World Wide Web.

Hosting is available in many forms - it can be in-house (internal), with a hosting provider or in the Cloud. It can be on shared servers, VPS servers, dedicated servers or use IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) options.

And then, once hosted, websites can be online (available to visitors) or offline (unavailable to website visitors). 

What is the best website hosting option for you?

When we evaluate your website hosting needs we will provide you with a proposal which includes recommendations and the costs associated them. As we have clients who host in-house, on IaaS, on provider servers and in the Cloud we can provide good reasons for selecting one method over another. We look at on-shore and off-shore solutions, security and reliability needs, scalability and support capabilities to ensure you have a viable, long-term solution.

In this series of posts we will unravel some of the hosting jargon.


In the final analysis, there is no way to say whether or not cloud hosting or internal hosting is the right solution for all environments in all cases. Instead, the best approach is to evaluate a given application against a range of criteria such as financial and budget considerations, maturity of the application, existing skill sets and your infrastructure.

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