We can train your staff at a number of different levels, including:

  1. Content administrator training
  2. System administrator training
  3. Programmer training

Most commonly, this should be undertaken relatively early in development of the website to ensure the core initial users can test and add content to your site. 

Training can be conducted in your premises or remotely from our premises using screen sharing software and telephone/Skype, which proves extremely effective.  

Our content administrator training will take your team through basic components such as

  • Drupal admin area
  • Adding users
  • Adding content - in content types, blocks, menus, etc
  • Finding/editing/approving content – in content types, blocks, menus, contact us pages, etc
  • Media management ( images, audio, video )
  • Webform maintenance, managing webform results
  • Advanced options e.g. URL settings, revision information, authoring
  • Testing and reporting issues

During these sessions we also touch on screen readers and other considerations for Web Accessibility.

Our sessions are very informal and free-flowing – so your team can ask plenty of questions and sections can be skipped if your team already have some Drupal experience.

Our system administrator training builds on the content administrator training and includes

  • Webform generation
  • Site Maintenance
  • User Management

Contact us to discuss your requirements and preferred time.

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