Geolocation and privacy

The addition of geolocation features, also known as location-based services, to your website provides great benefits to your business and your website visitors. They allow you to provide information directly based on location (e.g. events or service offerings in a particular region) or send messages about promotions and specials. These services have great marketing potential and are an effective way of keeping your customers updated with your latest products and information. 

Adopters of this technology have been utilising these benefits for years. 

However, a persons location is sensitive data and if the website user’s location is available, it is possible for others to establish where that user is. This seriously compromises user privacy.

To address these concerns Google recently announced that its internet browser, Google Chrome, will only provide geolocation based services if they are encrypted. This will come into effect with the release of Chrome 50 and is likely to set the trend for other internet browsers in the near future. 

What should you do?

To remedy this situation you simply need to add an SSL Certificate to your website, or components of it.

We can provide recommendations on SSL Certificates from the free Let's Encrypt SSL Certifcates to True BusinessID and Wildcard SSL Certificates. 

So, don't risk parts of your website not working. Contact us today to keep your website secure and your website visitors privacy a priority.


Note: SSL only affects the data transmission across networks. Once the data reaches the web server it is decrypted for use by the application.

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