You often hear and read how important it is to use blogs and social media to provide your brand or website with an online presence. This all makes logical sense however you are busy working and often do not have time to do this everyday (or even on a regular basis). Thankfully however there are tools that can greatly assist to make this process much easier.

One of the simplest is to use content scheduling on your website. This feature allows you to create new content on your website and then publish (and unpublish) it in the future. So your Merry Christmas and Office Closure message can be written anytime in the year when you are not as busy and then automatically display on your website - magic.

The other incredibly useful tool that we use is Buffer. This tool allows you to connect up your social media accounts, setup tweets and posts and have them post now, next or on a scheduled date and time. Not only that, Buffer comes with a free version and a paid version - so you can give it a try without spending too much, or take your online presence to a whole new level with their range of affordable pricing plans.
Under all plans you can link to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram platforms - the plans simply limit you to a different number of accounts per platform. If you would also like to link to Pinterest you can do so from any of the paid plans.

Once in Buffer you can create different messages for each platform, or use the same message to go out to multiple accounts. In this example our message would go to Twitter and Google+. Note how you can also add images and videos to your post!


New content page in Buffer


Once your message is ready you can set up your schedule time for the post to display then move onto your other important work knowing that task is complete.




Scheduling screen in Buffer


Another very useful feature with Buffer are the browser extensions which you can add to save even more time. With the Buffer Chrome extension you can light up your social media posts with a tweet about the webpage your are on - and Buffer will automatically use a URL Shortener to give you extra characters in your post.




Example of screen extension for Buffer



The features I have mentioned here are all part of the free version of Buffer - so take your posts to a new level and give yourself a bit more free time by planning and scheduling your posts in advance.




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