In-house or Internal hosting refers to the model where the assets and applications used by an organisation are managed and hosted by the organisation itself. Management of these assets is typically provided by the internal IT department, on servers and hardware owned by the enterprise.


  • No ongoing hosting or management fees - In an internal-hosting model, there are no external fees for hosting or managing the environment.
  • Management Control - Internal hosting allows enterprises to decide everything within the hosted environment, retaining complete control.
  • Change Control - Internal hosting allows organisations to have complete say over all changes, criteria and timetables for any change.
  • Performance - Internally hosted environments can provide better performance than that of cloud-hosted environments.
  • Security - Internally hosted environments can employ their own security mechanisms.


  • Management Responsibility - Internally hosted environments need to be monitored and managed 24x7. They need to be patched, secured and tested - by specialised staff within the internal IT department.
  • Purchase/Maintenance Costs - All of the hardware, software, and maintenance costs are charged to the organisation - who receive no economies of scale.
  • Power/cooling/hosting costs - All of the supporting power, cooling and space costs related to internally hosted environments are charged to the organisation. And again, there are no economies of scale.
  • Resource utilisation - Your staff, and their salaries, must be focused on managing, securing and maintaining infrastructure.
  • Security - threats are constantly evolving and organisations that host internally must purchase the additional hardware, software and resources to ensure their systems remain safe.
  • Technology changes - Over time hardware become out-of-date or even incompatibile with the software it needs to run. This time window is getting shorter with the rapid changes in technology.

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