Taking two days off normal duties to attend the DrupalSouth 2016 conference on the Gold Coast seems some time ago now but with some breathing room between client requests I can now reflect on the conference. This year I headed down with Richard to check it out.

As usual the location of the Drupal conference was excellent (and required an extra two days after the conference to enjoy). The opening keynote session from Troy Hunt on security was an eye-opening reminder to always use unique and strong passwords. His service, Have I been pwned?, gathers publicly announced security exploits and allows you to look up whether your credentials have been leaked on any of the compromised sites. He pointed out that most of the time these vulnerabilities are exposed by kids in their parents' basements, so why is it that we keep building systems that kids can break in to. Whenever a celeb's Twitter "get's hacked", it is not Twitter that is hacked, but the celeb had a really weak password.

Other sessions in the various tracks contained the diversity of information that matched at range to audiences attending - from Drupal Developers to Project Managers to Drupal clients from all size of business. As a developer I found myself in the more technical sessions, which had a recurring theme of Composer, Drupal Console and Continuous Integration. This goes to show how Drupal has evolved over the years.

Thanks to all the sponsors, speakers and volunteers for another great conference. You can read more about the various sessions at https://goldcoast2016.drupal.org.au/, where the recordings of the sessions are also due to appear.

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