When you start working through your plan for content on your website you need to remember that content is not just text.

It will contain numerous multimedia elements which need to be sourced or developed. Examples include:

  • Images
  • Documents (usually PDFs)
  • Audio
  • Video (via¬†YouTube or Vimeo)
  • Adobe Flash files - although we do not recommend using these due to their incompatibility with numerous devices
  • Content feeds from other websites
  • Photos (your own, for from¬†Flickr, Instagram, etc)
  • Social media streams
  • etc.

When compiling your content

  • consider how you will manage your content
  • consider who needs to approve the content prior to publication
  • investigate what you can re-use from your existing collateral
  • create a schedule - particularly around significant events and have content ready to publish
  • ensure that you obtain the appropriate licenses/permissions to use the content on your website

and have some fun. You are not building an encyclopedia - content can be changed, reworked and updated at anytime.

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