To expose data that would otherwise be normally hidden.

Panelizer - Moderately Critical - Access Bypass

The module does not secure settings that are normally only privileged users can administer.

Drupal Core - Moderately Critical - Multiple Vulnerabilities

Discloses statistical information about content and hardens possible risks with bespoke user registration forms.

Prepopulate - Moderately Critical - Multiple Vulnerabilities

Allows users to abuse the prepopulate fields. Most sites do not expose these forms to untrusted users.

Apache Solr Search

Only a risk if non-default environment are configured.

Mollom - SA-CONTRIB-2015-168

This enables a potential attacker to add, update, or remove their own terms to a site-wide blacklist interferring with the spam filtering on the site.

Field as Block - Less Critical - Information Disclosure

Potential information disclusure if private fields are being displayed as blocks.


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