Personal Information

We only collect, store, provide access to, use and disclose personal information in accordance with the Queensland Information Privacy Act 2009 (PDF, 1MB). All information is treated as private and will not be shared with others in accordance with this policy and state / federal privacy laws.

If you have any questions or concerns about personal information collected by us or displayed on the site, please contact us by



Cookies are used for the purposes of:

  • creating anonymous usage statistics and analytics for the site or system
  • managing transactions across multiple pages
  • authenticating you to systems and keeping you logged in
  • remembering your preferences for a system, such as text size

Some pages that contain third party scripts may also contain may use cookies from the third party sites. Please refer to the original site for their privacy policies.

If you wish, you can set your browser to refuse or delete these cookies.


Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to gather statistics about traffic to our site. This does not collect personal information and is solely used to collect statistics on the visitor behaviour on our site.



Mollom is a web service that tries to determine the quality of messages posted to a website, and particularly tries to determine whether these messages are to be considered as unsolicited messages (also called "spam").

When you post a message on our website, our server will first send your message – as well as some information about your identity (such as your IP address, name or nickname, e-mail address and OpenID) – to the Mollom server. The Mollom server will then compare your message and your identity details with all elements in their database, and performs several complex statistical computations in order to assess the quality of your message (e.g., spam, abuse, etc.).

If the Mollom server then determines that the content of your message is of insufficient quality or constitutes spam or abuse, it will inform our website thereof. Our website server may then decide to reject your message, or to provide you with an additional question to find out whether you are in fact a human being, and not a machine trying to send out as much commercial communications as possible. Please note that it is sometimes possible that our server wrongfully determines the actual quality of the content of your message, or wrongfully considers your message as spam or abuse.

Mollom also stores all information provided to them by our website. This may include, in particular, the following personal data about you: the content of your message, your name or nickname, IP address, user ID, OpenID, e-mail address, URL of your website, and the date and time you post a message. This data is stored in Mollom's databases for at most two months. After this period of two months, they may continue to store your data in anonymized way for a period of two years.

Mollom uses your personal data to assess the quality of your message, and to find out whether your message constitutes spam, by comparing your data with all other data of all other users in our databases. Afterwards, they also use your personal data to make similar assessments for all other websites that use their service.

While Mollom may sometimes provide statistical information (trends, numbers, etc.) generated from their databases to third parties, you cannot be identified on the basis of this statistical information. Mollom will never provide your email address to third parties, and will never send any spam themelves to you. In most cases, they will not even be aware of your e-mail address.

Mollom is bound by the strict rules of Belgian and European data protection legislation, which prevents them from making unlawful use of your personal data.

Last updated 12 July 2016
Last reviewed 12 July 2016
“Very professional and knowledgeable, and a delight to work with! Very well done overall!!! It has been an excellent cooperation and I am really looking forward to working together into the future.”
Jaroslav Kovar
Director, HSEQ Toolshop