What should you do when a new client comes to you with a website that is no longer working for them? It’s not in Drupal - it's in a different open source CMS called Joomla.

This client has a pro-bono agreement with the websites owner and is actually hosting and maintaining the website for free - due to its importance as a community site - but they do not wish to spend lots of money on it. Therefore, our brief was to rebuild the website from scratch in Drupal - at the cheapest price and with a new theme that is responsive and with an Admin area that is consistent with the other Drupal website that the company manages.

The result is the new Deafness Forum for Australians with who are deaf or hard of hearing.  

We achieved the desired results for this project by

  1. reviewing the existing website for features
  2. ? distribution
  3. ? theme

So, along with the client’s assistance to review and enter content, the new website is now up and running for this very important community and the company is looking forward to a much more reliable, manageable and secure platform for their future updates.

Project technologies 
CSS HTML 5 jQuery PHP (Drupal 7)
Completed in June 2016