When we inherited the partially built website for HSEQ Toolshop its Director was keen to complete the site and complete the company launch. Before that he put us through our paces - providing site specifications for review, meeting with us over the phone, meeting with us in person and ensuring he understood everything about us and that we understood his needs and wish list.

With a positively glowing result from these reviews we were ready to start.

Throughout the process we were in constant communication with HSEQ Toolshops Director to ensure the project ran smoothly, met requirements and was tested frequently.

As a result our team were able to create a phased solution which met the timeline and budget while simplifying the technical requirements but enhancing the user experience. Our Drupal Strategist was kept thoroughly engaged with the new features and innovative ideas bounced at him by the HSEQ Toolshop team which have seen the site integrate the latest micro-learning and gamification principles and the use of two-factor authentication.

So, take at look at HSEQ Toolshop and meet Mrs Guin - she is there to help and guide you through some unexpected situations...!

“Very professional and knowledgeable, and a delight to work with! Very well done overall!!! It has been an excellent cooperation and I am really looking forward to working together into the future.”
Jaroslav Kovar
Director, HSEQ Toolshop

Educating you on the importance of Health and Safety, care for Environment and high Quality / Operational excellence in your operations.

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Project technologies 
CSS HTML 5 jQuery PHP PHP (Drupal 7)
Completed in August 2016